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Waiting for you outside the restroom, happy to see you again because he still missed you in that short time.
Waiting for you to show up for coffee together. When he sees you in that dress, he can't help but stare.
When you get into an argument and he can't even get a word in.
After the argument, he realizes you were right all along, and apologizes by being cute and reminding you he loves you.
When he's in the middle of something and he sees some guy trying to flirt with you.
His different reactions when you try on clothes to buy.
When he does random silly things just to get you to laugh, and then laughs with you.
When you beg him to go out when he clearly wants to stay in and cuddle.
When he's having trouble convincing you to stay in, and his manly side kicks in to REALLY convince you.

"reason # 1 - you get all of me. now sit"

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Awe. So adorable Mandy. This Hyukkie Bear is so trying to creep up my list. NO HYUK, NO!!! Let Noona have some peace!
*Stays forever*
Perfect boyfriend material right here! He would so make a great boyfriend. I wish he was my boyfriend or had someone like him lol he's so adorable!