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What's the WORST Pick Up Line You've Heard?

It's something we all dread - hearing a pick up line.

Living in New York City with people around you all the time, I am often in situations where I want to lend a helping hand and it usually turns sour.
For example: See man walking in a suit in the pouring rain, he's standing on the corner with me waiting to cross, I offer to let him stand under my umbrella until the light changes.

A few minutes later he's asking for my number.

I can't seem to remember any specific pick up lines used on me (thank god) but I have heard some used in my general vicinity.

Have you ever had a pick up line used on you?

Have YOU ever used a pick up line?

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well, first of all to make myself clear, that would be rude to say, but I didn't say people who say pick up lines are bad -- I said there is a certain way at 26 years old I choose to be approached and I find pick up lines these days to be corny. second of all, I totally understand people resorting to humor when they don't know what to say, but there's a thin line between being 'shy' and being off-putting. I think you misread what I wrote. I get what you're saying and I don't have anything negative to say about your opinion, but as far as my opinion goes I didn't say people who bad, I said I stray away these days because that's not what I'm interested in depending on the manner in which I'm approached. BIG DIFFERENCE. @Priscillasdoor
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Are you Jamaican because your Ja making me crazy 馃槄馃槹
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I've heard many. All of them are bad.
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I once told a pretty girl at a dance club, "you look just like my 3rd wife" to which she replied, "how many times have you been married!?!" I smiled and responded, "Twice." I got her number and a date. alas I'd only been married once. and she did not end up becoming my wife. but the line worked. then there's the tale of "Tonto Goldstein " - but I'll save that one for later.
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They go in one ear and out the other. I remember this guy who has whole conversations in pick up lines... not a single genuine sentence!
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