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Thanks to @kpopandkimchi's introduction, I got to learn about a new girl group called IOI. The group was formed by a survival t.v. show in Korean. The song is catchy and I'm in love with their glittery makeup. So, this brings me to glitter hair.
Glitter is not a new concept and K-Idols have tried this trend way before it became viral on Instagram.

Hyuna's glitter hair from "Red" music video.

Take 2. Instead of wearing glitter she's resting on glitter.

btw, red glitter on dark hair looks pretty.

Ex-SNSD Member, Jessica, with glitter eyes makeup and pixie dust hair.

SNSD Hoyeon's glitter galaxy hair.

GD. All covered up in glitter.

Bora working that pixie dust magic and transformed her hair from burgundy to purple with a splash of glitter.

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I thought gd look so hot in glitter
I'm just thinking about the cleanup... I bet GD had to shower forever!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Time to buy some glitter :)
@tayunnie @krin It does take some effort but olive oil or any carrier oil will help remove glitter from the hair and skin.
@amandamuska you're not alone.