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While it was previously reported that EXO’s Lay passed out during filming due to food poisoning, new reports say that it was actually exhaustion from being overworked that caused him to collapse. During the May 8 episode of the Chinese variety show “Go Fighting,” Lay collapsed on his way to the restroom and was taken to a hospital. Local media at the time that Lay passed out due to food poisoning. However, on May 9, Chinese media outlet Sina Entertainment reported that it wasn’t food poisoning at all that caused Lay to pass out, but exhaustion. A representative of “Go Fighting” told Sina Entertainment, “Lay was completely exhausted. At the time of filming, he was also filming a drama and participating in a concert. He also had conferences and public service activities, so he was very busy.” The representative continued, “He arrived late in the evening the day before filming for the variety program. He barely ate anything, he was under the weather, and when he got up the next morning he said he didn’t sleep well.” After the fainting spell, Lay received fluids via an IV drop and rested at the hospital for half a day before returning to filming later that afternoon. Many people have expressed concern for Lay, hoping that he takes better care of his health. Lay has been keeping busy since the establishment of his individual workshop in China last year, participating almost non-stop in a number of activities including dramas, films, and variety shows. © Soompi He returned not even getting a full day of rest. SM needs to take a step back and maybe realize that putting all this work on the idols shoulders isn't actually that healthy. SM won't listen unless we get enough people to say something. Let's not let this happen against I Lay or to anybody, even trainees. Help trend #LETIDOLSREST on Twitter and other social media so we can finally get someone's attention.
I swear he needs more rest 〒_〒