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Hey guys! It's time for some oldies! With all the new groups debuting, let's kick it old school!
Shinhwa is a six member group that debuted on March 24, 1998 under SM. In 2003, the group switched to Good Entertainment because their contract expired. While under Good, each of the members pursued solo careers. In 2011, the boys created Shinhwa Entertainment to perform together. Their debut song was Hae Gyeol Sa (Resolver). Ok, so it's just vocals, but slay! I have fallen in love with them.
Eric: Lead Rapper, Leader; Born February 16, 1979; English Name: Eric Mun, Korean Name: Mun Jung Hyuk; 180 cm; Produced Stellar
M: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer; Born July 28, 1979; Korean Name: Lee Min Woo; 174 cm; His own company is M Rising Entertainment
Dongwan: Vocalist; Born November 21, 1979; Korean Name: Kim Dong Wan; 174 cm; Signed under Liveworks as a solo artist
Shin Hye Sung or Hyesung: Main Vocalist; Born November 27, 1979; English Name: Steve Jung, Korean Name: Jung Pil Kyo; 179 cm; Has a black belt in Taekwondo
Junjin: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Lead Dancer; Born August 19, 1980; Korean Name: Park Choong Jae; 182 cm; Born in South Korea
Andy: Rapper, Maknae; Born January 21, 1981; English Name: Jason Lee (SM made him change it before debut), Korean Name: Lee Sun Ho; 175 cm; Produced TEEN TOP and 100%
These boys have worked so hard, and have earned so many achievements. In 2002, Shinhwa released their sixth album, becoming the longest running Kpop group. In 2005, their label at the time set out to create a new Shinhwa Group, or a new legend group, through a reality tv show. About 2,000 people applied, and it was narrowed down to the 12 finalists. The boys picked the new six member group, which became known as Battle, as well as two female solo artists. These groups went into training immediately, then debuted with Shinhwa's then-label, Good Entertainment.

What are your thoughts? Any shockers? Let us know down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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only group I can fangirl over and call oppa since they are all older then me lol
Eric Mun the leader in the first group photo @Kamiamon
This is Love sniper perfect man Venus pretty much all there songs lol
@StefaniTre same, what are your favorite songs by shinhwa?
well fangirl without feeling like a dirty old woman lol
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