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For the last month Jimin has been texting me everyday. I don't respond most of the time but when I do he gets excited and I can tell. "So did you hear?" Lexi said to me one morning. "What?" "Jimins dating someone " "What!?" I knew this would happen but I really thought he'd fight a little longer for me. "Yea it's all over the tabloids. They say it's been a while." "Oh well good for him." I was upset. I knew I asked him to move on but still I hadn't moved on from him yet. "Yea they are said to be at the party next week." Lexi just had to continue making jabs at me. "Are you talking about Jimin" Adam said cutting in. "No we aren't " I snapped and walked away. I needed to move on obviously. Right then and there I decided I would move on if it killed me. Over the next week I stopped texting. obviously he was just keeping up this act. He didn't really want us together he just wanted me in his life as a friend. I hated seeing all these pictures of Jimin with this girl. It really made me upset. "You know this is actually for a best. I can finally move on and not feel hurt. We can be friends like Lexi and Tae." "Why are you talking to yourself." I turned to see Lexi in the bathroom. "Oh a pep talk to myself." I smiled and turned back to the mirror. "Yea that's not weird." "Shh I'm pep talking myself....Fighting!" I said while holding up my fist. "Ok now if your done we have to get outfits for this party. And you my dear have to look breathtaking." She smiled and grabbed my hand pulling me from the bathroom. For the rest of the day we shoppd and talked. I kept my mind off of Jimin for the most part. "Ok so I'll pick you up tomorrow at 6 so we can hang out before the party." "Ok. I'm really nervous." "Because of Jimin?" "Yes Lexi. I haven't seen him in like 2 months or so and not only will I be seeing him but his new girlfriend." "Good thing Adam will be with us." "Yea I don't even like that." "Oh come on Adam is great. "Then you date him." "No thanks." "Exactly." We had finally gotten to my place so I quickly got out the car. "I'll text you when I get home ok?" Lexi said smiling. "Alright thanks for the ride." "Yup bye" I shut the door and she drove off. I stood there a few seconds just staring at her car slowly moving away from me. I wasn't ready for tomorrow. *you got a text* I looked at my phone. Adam: Can we talk? Me: No Adam: Come on I know you're upset over Jimin dating. Me: I don't care Adam: Seriously? Me: Yup, I'm going to shut my phone off now bye. Adam: I can't wait to see how beautiful you look tomorrow. Bye. Adam was sweet when he wanted to be but he isn't the kind of guy I want. Alright (y/n) I will be strong in front of Jimin. I won't show how much I miss him and how much I'm hurting. I took a breath and headed inside. *You got a text* I swear it better be Lexi. Jiminie: Hey what are you doing tomorrow? I wasn't going to answer he needed to stop this before his girlfriend got pissed at me. *You got a text* Lexi: I'm home see you tomorrow! Me: Night girlie! I put my pj's on and crawled into bed. The next day was going to be long. I laid in bed for awhile then got up and ate. I took my time getting ready today. To calm my nerves I listened to some music and sang along and danced. This was a great way for me to get rid of some stress. Finally I took my shower and got dressed. I was ready and waiting for about 10 minutes before Lexi showed up. I sat there mentally preparing myself for the night. Then I heard a car honk signaling for me to come out. I quickly grabbed my purse and keys and walked out of my place. Lexi was pretty like usual and then there was me. I felt pretty but didn't really care. I was going because Lexi was forcing me. If things got bad I could sneak away. We arrived at the party and started walking towards the door. Adam was waiting for us. "Wow you ladies look beautiful." He said holding out his arms for us to take. "I can walk in myself." I said but tripped and grabbed onto his arm. "Let me just get you in safe ok." Why is he acting like this? "ok" once we were in I quickly removed my arm from his and walked to the bar. I needed something. I was trying to stay calm. When someone came up behind me and hugged me. "(y/n) is so beautiful tonight" I knew that voice and smiled. "Tae I missed you." I turned and hugged him. "Yea I was hoping you'd show up. Come on. The others will want to see you." "Wait what about Lexi?" "We'll see her later" He laughed pulling me towards everyone. I didn't see Jimin and I let out a breath of relief. "Jimins talking with some people right now so you're safe." He squeezed my hand. "(y/n)!!! We are so glad you came!" Namjoon said hugging me and one by one everyone hugged me. "You look beautiful." Kookie said "Thanks kookie you don't look so bad yourself." I smiled. I heard a particular laugh and froze. I slightly turned towards it and saw Jimin with his girlfriend. He was slowly coming towards the guys. I quickly turned back to them. "I'll see you later" I quickly left before anyone could stop me. I got lost in the crowd. I didn't need him to see me right now. I looked back to the guys when Jimin was standing there. He was lookong around trying to find someone. By his face I figured he was looking for me. Once I found him once it wasn't hard to find him over and over again. All night I did a great job of avoiding him. His girlfriend was always right there following him. I don't know how he isn't annoyed of that. I guess if he likes her following him then he wouldn't get annoyed. "Hey (y/n) how are you doing?" Adam asked as I was walking by him. "I'm fine." "You know avoiding him isn't gonna solve anything." "Itll help me for now." "I know your upset why can't you just admit it." "Fine Adam I'm upset. I was the one who messed up a good thing and now karma has come to bite me in the butt. I'm hurt. And I could have avoided all of this." I looked to see where Jimin was and realized he was too close I had to move. I started walking away. "(y/n) why can't you just let me be with you?" He grabbed my wrist to stop me from moving. I turned back to him. "Because I don't like you. So I will never date you." "But Jimin is taken. Are you seriously going to wait for him still?" "Who said I was waiting for him?" "Then date me so I see you aren't waiting for him." He pulled me close to him. I tried to pull away. "Adam let go of me!" I was freaking out now. "No. Kiss me."Then he leaned forward and tried to kiss me. "No!" I blocked the first attempt. He tried again. I was panicking. I felt someone grab my other hand and pulled me perfectly out of Adam's kissing range. Although he still had my wrist in his hand. I looked at who had come to my rescue and wanted to cry. It was Jimin. He pulled his other arm back and punched Adam square in the face. Adam let go of my hand. "I'm sure she said no. So don't try forcing yourself on her." Jimin still had his hand on me and he pulled me away from Adam and we walked out the door to the garden. His girlfriend didn't follow like I thought she would. "I hate that fucking guy. Seriously trying to force himself on you." Jimin was furious and he only stopped walking when I tired to pull my hand away from him. He looked at me. "I missed you (y/n)" He smiled and I started tearing up. "You shouldn't worry about me you're with another girl." I tried to stop the tears but they wouldn't. "No I'm not." He stepped in front of me. "Don't lie. She's been following you all night and the tabloids...." "(y/n) I wouldn't date anyone but you. It's just a rumor she's just being annoying and following me around." "That's not what it looks like." I needed to stop the tears. "Trust me. I only love you. I'm not giving up on you." I broke. I closed the distance between us and hugged him. I took in his smell. "Thank you....I don't know what might have happened if you didn't save me from Adam." "Yea I'm not done with him." He was holding me close to him. "Can I stay with you tonight?" He asked and all I did was nod my head yes. We needed to talk and I had to stop lying to him and myself. "Well my plan didn't work." We broke apart and looked at the voice that spoke. Jimin quickly pulled me behind him so I was being protected by him.
So what do you think???? I was going to wait a bit longer for this moment but I didn't want to wait for this part... now to see where I'll take the story after this...
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I love it, so cute! ❤❤
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