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Fullback Vonta Leach is still waiting for more offers before deciding with the Ravens or Dolphins. The Ravens have given him an offer according to Armando Salguero while the Miami Herald reported that Leach is still mulling over the Dolphins offer. Leach is looking for more money, but if he doesn't get it, the Dolphins are in the lead for now. Vonta Leach is one of the best blocking fullbacks in the league, but most teams are not willing to pay big bucks for the fullback position. He may have a tough time finding the money he wants, but whatever team he lands on, expect big dividends for the running back he is blocking for. Click the side arrow for his highlights.
And this past year, the difference between the Niners and Ravens was that Flacco and Boldin got it done through the air... and Kaepernick and Crabtree couldn't come through in the end. I hate that game... I really wish the Niners ran the ball those last 3 downs. Worst Super Bowl of my life...
I think it's still true but with wins from the Packers and Saints in the past 5 years, I think it shows that an unstoppable aerial offense can also win.
@johnlee that is true, but i dont get that train of thought bc in the playoffs is it not conventional thought that a strong running game and strong defense will always win out?
@Goyo You and I both... but with the way the league is becoming pass heavy... a lot of teams are sacrificing the FB position...
It's a blue collar level position that I wish will regain popularity again like when mike alstott was with the bucs