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Runny yolks are so trendy right now. Videos of golden liquid bursting out of its confines abound on social media. For the longest time I was squeamish around them, and preferred very well done eggs. I'm starting to come around, but I still don't love them. While I'm still adjusting, I'm perfectly content with this egg-free "carbonara" filled with squash, bacon, fresh mozzarella and sage.
@cindystran I actually made this back in January/February, when there were lots of butternut squash! But it would definitely work in the summertime. And ooh, love the idea of adding cayenne!
Those big chunks of cheese on top are calling to me lol.
Yeah, fresh mozzarella is one of my favorite things to use as a dish accent. Mozzarella or haloumi.
This looks like the perfect summer dish! I would totally add cayenne pepper for a kick of spice.
@danidee hehe the more cheese the better! it's fresh mozzarella here, and i loved how creamy and silky it was with everything else.
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