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When I first started dating my partner all those years back, I knew that I loved this person from the first moment I stepped into their room. Not only did they have an awesome captains bed, but they had this awesome plush sitting on top of the bed. Can you say soulmate? Cause I can.

Does anyone else have anime memories with their significant others?

Yes...I was starting high school. 14 years. I was small and shy. I remember Baka no Test as I was also an idiot when the girl I liked talked to me. I believed she didn't like me Like Yoshii and Himeji. I ended up being single for not telling her sooner. But like Yoshii I still have fun with my friends. I'll wait for my love...7+ billion people. There's Hope.
I dated a guy for a while who went to anime conventions with me. Good times XD we had totally different taste, but actually, come to think of it, he's the one that helpe dme start appreciating how cute anime girls are lol XD he didn't really encourage my cosplaying (he didn'l ike the attention) but it was still kinda fun to enjoy together!