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And also Chadwick Boseman's smile.

Because that smile is... damn. Anyway, that's my spoiler-free reaction. So if you somehow still haven't seen Civil War you should clip this card and come talk to me about it the second you have. Spoilers down below.

Am I the only one that thinks Black Panther was the star of this movie???

Obviously it was a Cap movie, and Steve's relationship with Bucky was central to the plot. As was his reaction to the Sokovia Accords, Peggy's death... Steve was the emotional heart of the movie. But Black Panther was the hero. Honestly, I felt like Tony proved himself right by the end of the movie; he's always been irresponsible and impulsive and he needed to be put in check. His reaction to the video Zemo showed them all immediately drove him to revenge, without thought about the consequences. T'Challa did the same thing... but he made a different choice. Would he have stopped himself before killing Bucky? I believe he would have, though the canon didn't answer that for us. But he went from completely revenge driven to something greater. We were all wowed by his physical strength (he held his own against a super soldier without his armor). But I think it's his emotional journey, that matters more. His willingness to admit that he was wrong (something neither Tony nor Steve did), and his final choice to give up his personal needs for the greater good... I think that was incredibly admirable.
My hopes for Black Panther weren't high but after seeing Civil War, definitely changed my mind. He was awesome and definitely the star of the movie. (Though I thoroughly enjoyed Ant Man's role in this movie).
@Boggleman I mean how could I not??? Legit the entire group I went with came out of that movie like "T'Challa? T'Challa. Yes."
Preach it @shannonl5!! Your card was so right! Black Panther was awesome and he didn't let revenge control him. He was one of my favorite characters in the movie.
black panther and kid spidey were my favs
It's weird that I was looking forward to this movie then when it came out I completely forgot about it. Soon I will see it though. 馃槉
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