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I just recently realized something about myself. I noticed that Always without a doubt, No matter what Group I listen to, I always choose a Certain type of Bias. the Type that Acts really Cool, and Badass on Camera, But the Second he's Off Camera He turns into a Giant Idiot. I think we call this type 'The Dumb Rapper'. I'll show you what I mean, Here are some of my Top Biases.

Yongguk on Camera Vs. Yongguk Off Camera

Ravi on Camera Vs. Ravi Off Camera

Zico on Camera Vs. Zico Off Camera

him along with pretty Much The Rest of Block-B

Namjoon on Camera vs. Namjoon Off camera.

TOP on Camera Vs. TOP Off Camera.

P.O On Camera Vs. P.O Off Camera

Do You have a Certain Type of Bias?

Let me Know in the Comments.

I tend to like dancers who have 4D personalities and funny in a weird way
@Badtz Most of the Time I'm drawn to the Tall, Funny ones with Really Deep voices.
I tend to like the leaders or deep voices... but recently that has been changing.
I always go for the funny/charming ones with the sweet smile. examples:daesung, daehyun,jimin,chanyeol
I usually go for the quirky and egotistical ones. lol
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