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And a lot of regional pride.

Ok, so I know not everyone here is a New Yorker... but the most NY thing in the movie was the fact that Steve and Peter couldn't get through a fight without mentioning that they're from New York. It's... we problem we all have, okay? That being said...

I thought this guy did a great job!

I honestly didn't care about Spider-Man coming into this movie. There's been so much of the character in recent years. I was more hype about Black Panther, Steve and Bucky, Tony and Rhodey. It felt like one character too many (before I saw it anyway). But Tom Holland killed it! He did a fantastic job with very little time onscreen. So... bravo?
Hells yes Bravo. I'm a fan of Spider-Holland
oh my god this movie was INTENSE!!!!
it good to hear he did a good job I was hype for panther and spider man too. I'm a fan of spider man but after reading the civil war comics I couldn't wait for spider man I want them to bring in the iron spider. I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm super excited to see this guy perform and panther from the trailers is hella sexy I can't wait to see my boi in action