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Hello Everyone, Taemi here! Get ready for another exciting yet intense survival show! Mnet is collaborating with FNC Entertainment to showcase their upcoming boy group! D.o.B stands for "Dance or Band" FNC is departing from their band-focused groups for awhile and wants to form a boy dance group.
FNC trainees, NEOZ School are divided into the dance or band teams. They have to complete various missions and there will be judging from panelists such as FNC representative Han Sung Ho. Their labelmate & Sunbae, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa is giving them their first mission, instructing both dance team and band team to “capture the hearts of teenagers.” So the teams visit high schools to personally listen to students thoughts. This will be a big deal to them because its important to show the right impressions and their charms.
The first episode will air on May 11 at 11pm KST. You can watch the preview here! As you see in the video, you can see that they are very nervous and trying to to impress their representative and other judges.


Those of you who doesn't know about Neoz School, Last year FNC Entertainment started to introduce them. Neoz School is a group of candidates for FNC's new future boy group. This is the official teaser video of the boys in school uniform entering a school called "Neo School”, a debut system where they prepare them! FNC planned to release the profiles of the members on December 15, 2015; which of course those profiles are already out.


Neoz Dance Team

FNC introduced the first 3 members of its first class, Neoz. They have released their teaser videos. Tae Yang, Ju Ho, and Cha Ni.




The next 2 members and their teaser videos that was released: Ro Woon and Young Bin



The next 3 members: Hwi Young, Da Won, and Jae Yoon.




The next & last member was In Seong.


Neoz Band

From the second picture and on is in order of the names. Seo Dong Sung: Leader and bassist Oh Seung Seok: Drummer Kim Hwan: Guitar Kim Chul Min: Vocalist


OK! so this is very interesting and I think I will look forward to "d.o.b". What are your thoughts on this? do you have a bias from Neoz School? What are your expectations? They are very handsome & talented! *Kpopint does not own any of these photos or videos. Creds to FNC Entertainment.

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