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Now that you've seen Civil War...

Did you side with Steve or Tony? I was actually surprised. Going in I was Team Cap all the way (because of the comics) but in this one... eh? Steve was doing the right thing, but I think Tony was coming from a good place too. Honestly I'd probably have to sit down and read the Accords to decide how I felt about them. (Think Marvel's going to release a dense legal document any time soon?) What did you all think? Did you change your mind during the movie?

*beware spoilers in the comments y'all*

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@Shannonl5 once i saw the paper they wanted the avengers to sign i said TEAM CAP FUCK THAT PAPER
I went in team iron man because I really just don't like Bucky. I also loved Spider-Man. But I left on Black Widow's side!
team Cap!!
i came in as team cap, and stayed team cap. #tomanyBuckyfeels #Krystalcriedbuckets #Staronstillcreepsmeout #Ishipsteggyinstead
i went team iron man and after watching the movie i came out team iron man even more