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So... Sharon Carter

Yay or Nay?

(Spoilers, obviously!!!)
So personally I felt like the kiss was... forced? Like, funerals are not great places to hook up, and I feel like a potential romantic relationship between Sharon and Steve kind of diminished what she was doing. Sharon broke the law, and probably defrauded the CIA, and she did it because she believed what she was doing was right. Not to mention she went up against a super soldier that had just decked two Avengers, and it didn't look like she was even armed!!! That's amazing??? So I feel like this movie was a mixed bag for her character. What did everyone else think?
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@InVinsybll Lol he pulled a twilight?
a year ago·Reply
Yay Sharon Carter! She's like a poor man's Peggy.
a year ago·Reply
I definitely agree about the kiss. It was very awkward and it did seem forced. But other then that I really liked her character and she really kicked some ass lol!
a year ago·Reply
that kiss was so forced it didnt make sense.... also it wasn't passionate at all
a year ago·Reply
I like Bucky and Sam's response lol
a year ago·Reply