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Okay maybe not the "best"... but definitely my favorite!!!

... my new OTP might be "can you move your seat up".

Their dynamic in Civil War was AWESOME!!! I love Sam. Adore him. Especially in the comics, he's such an incredible hero. But him and Bucky together being cranky and kickass is probably my new favorite thing. Who's with me?
Any scene with Falcon and Winter Soldier was awesome.. They were the best part of the movie
I am definitely with you! That was one of my favorite scenes too. I also love the end scene when Cap and Iron Man are fighting. Cap gets knocked to the ground but then gets back up and says "I can do this all day", I got chills when I heard that line. Loved the movie!!
omgosh that was the funniest part of the movie! expecially when cap kissed Shannon and looked back at the car and both of them were smiling lol
definitely loved the brotherhood shown between Steve Bucky and even Wilson my favorite part- (spoiler) is when Steve kissed Sharon (Agent 13) and Bucky and Wilson gave the nod and smile of acceptance