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Hey guys!

In light of our Korean game day here at KpopINT I thought we could look at how games have changed over the years. Games have been played for centuries and with Koreas technological shift many new games have emerged. Let's look at traditional vs. modern games.

Traditional Games:

- Yutnori - Ssireum - Tuho - Neolttwigi - Jegichagi These have been played for years and continue to be a part of Korean culture Learn how to play some of these HERE

Modern Games:

- World of Warcraft - League of Legends - Starcraft - Sudden Attack - Blade and Soul - Cyphers Computer and tech based games like these have become widely popular in Korea and taken it to a competitive level.
There's so many more games to play and to discover!

What do you guys think Modern or Traditional? Which is you favorite and which seems interesting to try? Comment below!

My cousins ands friends are OBSESSED with League of Legends and Starcraft... I can't even try to have a convo with them when they are playing....
I used to play Tuho!!!!!! XD!!!!!! but I don't play any of those modern games. I am competitive though!!!!