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And that's why we love him.

So the sad truth is that Black Panther and Storm probably won't be a couple in the movies any time soon. All of the X-Men film rights, including Storm, are owned by a different company. Which means Marvel can't use them in their movies. But there's always the comics! And these two were goddamn adorable together.

Don't knock it til you try it honey!

Doom just wants to be loved. It's basically canon.

T'Challa is secure in his masculinity.

I mean, I would be too if I were obscenely wealthy, powerful, and attractive. And masculine.

~Drunk in Love plays softly in the distance~

The Thing knows what's up. It's a different kind of clobberin' time and he is not invited.

You can't rain on this parade!

The couple did divorce a few years ago (dear Marvel: please undo that terrible mistake you made) but I don't care. I still adore them. Here's to the best power couple to ever grace the pages of our comics?
Not a Keebler Elf!? I owe sooooo many people an apology.
this is my second OTP cause I still love RoLo but Ororo with T'Challa is life and I'm bummed we probably won't see it in the movies cause it'd be nice too