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After months and months of contemplating, I finally created myself to Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter palette. I chose the shade 'that glow', which is recommended for more warm to brown toned women -- but I felt like the 'gleam' palette was way too light. Plus, who doesn't want to look super bronzy and olden this summer? As my vacation approaches in a few days, I felt like this was a necessity and I cannot wait for it to arrive in the mail.
While I will admit that I just recently got into highlighters, I wouldn't start my collection with any other palette. These palettes come with four highlighters that should last you for a good amount of time and based on all the reviews I read people are absolutely obsessed. If you haven't had the opportunity to fall in love with ABH highlighter palettes as yet, maybe the video below will make you a believer. Keep scrolling and check out the glow below.

Which highlighter palette would you be more interested in getting your hands on?

That glow. Closer to my skin tone
So tempted!! I own two highlighters, but neither of them seem to work for me, or I just don't notice the effects. Looking forward to some reviews of yours!!
I just got a highliter. will post later but I love it
That's the best one!!! @primodiva93
yes, the temptation was so real. I contemplated it for the longest. I only own one highlighter, but I find that it's too light. can't wait to share my results @hikaymm
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