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Alright Day 3- Kim Jongdae. 2of3 out of the beagle line. He's so cut and adorable. he is #2 on my bias list. enough of that. Here are three seperate stuff of him. :D Original see here-----> @PrincessUnicorn PS. Kudos points and a EXO edit made for you if you can guess where "Chenderella" is from. No Cheating
Next up are some GIFs. This first one is my favorite it's from EXO Showtime. The second is from their first showcase I think. and the Last one is from The Lost Planet (Him in a Rolling Stones shirt and headbanging was heavenly to see I think he and Chanyeol should make a rock band)
Memes and and a extra Video for your liking :D (Video Credit to baoziunnie on youtube)
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