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Seriously of course the maknae line is killing it in this video. But can we just take a moment to appreciate Jin, Suga, Rapmonster, and of course Jhope? I mean my god Jin with blonde and dressed in all black! I love men in black so sexy. And Suga I'm sorry but when he says "it's on fire" I swear I forget about the rest of the group and only focus on him. (I'm currently fan girling over him right now) and Rapmonster can he be any more sexy? Jhope, is Jhope I cannot go without a day of watching something with him in it, he always makes me smile and seriously his dancing omg I wish I could dance. I love this song so much..
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our boys are just to hot and handsome. I have watched this so many times and every time I get over on how awesome they all did.