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So last week, Battlefield 1 got leaked through imgur and Reddit and all of that Internet stuff. So, I guess, instead of waiting EA or DICE or whoever is in charge decided to release the trailer this weekend right after the news of its leak came out.
I don't see any issue with this but this looks like the only war-shooty-pew-pew game I'll buy in the near future. Just by setting the game during World War 1, it makes everything feel entirely new.
And, I also have a thing for Dogfights. Like, planes fighting planes not like dogs fighting dogs because that shit is horrible. But I love the idea of flying an old-timey plane and shooting at other old-timey planes in video games and this trailer shows just that.
Now, I'm not sure if the game will be actually good. But the setting alone is enough for me to consider picking it up over Call of Duty: This Time We're Really in Space Warfare or whatever it's called. Hopefully when the game drops it receives some reviews that'll help sway my decision making.
Anyway, what do you guys think of the trailer? Would you pick this game up?