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160510 HISTORY CUT ON The Show
This segment was golden!
-Kyungil was in a playful mood & tried make YiJeong fall on the floor and but failed. The first time. The 2nd time though, he was lucky to succeed and Kyungil does a happy dance on the chair lol
-Poppa Kyun Singing ft. YiJeong touching his hair.
-Yijeong's weird moves
-YiJeong random dance moment
-Jaeho dancing to 24 Hours.
-Kyungil's sexy eyes
-idk what happened but I guess the female MC said something about Kyungil so YiJeong & Dokyun move so he is sitting next to her. She looked so nervous as he kept staring at her lol
Yeah she was having a mental breakdown I think lol
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