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Well to start off I love you guys <3 I'm so glad we decided to do this and getting to know all of you!
iKonic appreciation days\peeps for the following: ●Monday: Jinhwan ●Tuesday: Yunhyeong (Jai) ●Wednesday: Bobby (Vinny) ●Thursday: Hanbin (Theresa) ●Friday: Donghyuk (Isolda) ●Saturday: June (Sam) ●Sunday: Chanwoo. *First come first serve type of thing. HOWEVER LOL we welcome anyone and everyone to post about iKon whenever you want to make us all smile and go crazy.(delighted) For everyone who either missed the post and conversation about it or doesn't have kakao we are going to start posting each day for certain members we still need someone to be in charge of Monday's and Sundays though. And anyone can post about the member on that day just make sure to tag us all I am still working on getting everyone's vingle account though but we will get this hopefully on a roll by Monday!
@swarrier16 I will write you both with more details since now we have someone for each day @mrsjeon
@Sammie99522 thank you! i can't wait!!
@swarrier16 yes he is and you can do the same as @mrsjeon I will update everyone here about what we are doing and add you in on the tag list that way you can talk the the other members on here if you like ^_^ .
@swarrier16 um will @Sammie99522 what do you think?
Dang I wanted Donghyuk...is Chanwoo still open? Kakao doesn't really work for me, so is there another way I could join the squad?
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