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WARNING: Mature Content
At the end of the day as you’re walking the set to replace and rearrange, you’re suddenly grabbed from behind. A squeal leaves your startled lips until you recognize the feel of the arms that hold you. A familiar growl, that never fails to turn you on, sounds in your ear.
“You’ve been driving me nuts all day.” He isn’t kissing or nibbling; he’s sniffing and rubbing like a cat would do. It tickles and you can’t help but laugh. He turns you around, “You think that’s funny woman?”
He wants you to be scared but you laugh even harder when you see the mischievous look on his face. He starts backing you towards the set wall as you squeal again. “Work! We’re at work!” He smirks and takes another step, “You think it’s funny to drive me crazy all day?”
“Just how did I do that? I sat in my chair, over there, except for the rare occasion I used the restroom.”
“Ah,” he lowers his head and gives playful little nips on your shoulder, sending goose flesh down your arms.
“But you have no idea what just the sight of you does to me now.”
He puts his mouth over your ear and whispers, “I can’t tell which are memories and which are fantasies, they’re all kind of meshed together.”
Your face is now as hot as your temperature that seems to be rising. He pulls his head back to look at you as you hear the group come out to leave.
“Aish, get a room!”
“They did, that’s the problem!”
You hear them snicker and play. You give Kyungil a raised eyebrow with a ‘do you see what you’ve done?’ look. He just smiles, places a quick kiss on your lips and turns with you under his arm.
“You all are just jealous. And you should be. Where you dogs headed? Home or for food?”
The two of you start walking with the group towards the door, as you pass your chair you head to grab your stuff. It switches from an arm to a hand, like a leash, allowing you only so far away. You have to smile at your acrobatics just to grab your purse. However, you can’t deny the heady feeling it’s giving you to know he doesn’t want you too far away, or to let you go. As you wander back, he asks,
“You up for dinner with the guys? Yijeong says he owes you.”
You smile, “Home cooked? That’s what I was promised.”
Yijeong smiles back, “Absolutely. My turn to cook for these hounds anyway, one more would be an added beauty.”
To that smart-alec comment he gets jumped on, roused, and knuckle sandwiched. You have to just shake your head at how close they are. When Jak said that once they become a group they live together, you just thought, okay. When she explained that sometimes they don’t debute for like five years and continue to live together until they make enough to own their own places; that opened your eyes. They really are like a little family unit. When you arrive at their place you start to pay attention to how they interact, trying to place who takes on what role.
Yijeong didn’t lie, he really can cook and it tasted fantastic. Jaeho slips you a fork while Kyungil is talking to Dokyun. You smile your thanks and quickly take as many bites as you can before he takes it away. He notices but pretends he doesn’t see and you are entertained through dinner with each of them trying to tell the worst story about the other that they can. By the time the meal is over, you are thankful for the looted fork. With as much as they had you laughing, and not being good with chopsticks, you would have starved. Since you are company, they decide you all need to play at least one or two games before they let Kyungil take you home. They break out Spoons, a deck of cards, and Twister.
“Let me guess, you want to play Speed with the cards?” They all look at you in shock, “How would you guess that?” They turn on Kyungil, “Have you been giving away our secrets?”
He holds his hands up in surrender, “Wasn’t me.”
You laugh at them, “It isn’t hard to guess; you got out Spoons and Twister – physical games. Why would you want to play ‘Go Fish’? And for the record, I am NOT playing Twister with 5 guys who are all taller than me!”
Kyungil laughs, grabs the Twister box and tucks it under his coat. He leans over and whispers, “We’ll take it to play later”.
He wiggles his eyebrows at you, leaving you shaking your head and actually looking forward to ‘later’.
Two hours later, your sides and face hurt from laughing so much. What a complete set of dorks! Cute dorks and adorable dorks but absolutely crazy! You aren’t sure if you can still breathe by the time Kyungil bundles you up and makes the guys tell you goodnight. He hustles you out the door and into his car. You glance over at the speedometer wondering what the big hurry is. Is he upset? He’s quiet but you don’t think you did anything wrong. You go over in your head anything that he could have taken as you flirting with one of the guys. Nope, nothing.
He finds a place to park on the street and turns to you the minute he turns the car off. He lets out his now signature growl and is suddenly kissing you senseless. When you both come up for air he rests his forehead against yours.
“All day, all night I’ve been waiting to do that! Took everything I had not to drag you out of there 2 hrs ago.”
He gets out and comes around to open your door. Taking your hand he leads you up to your apartment. As soon as you’ve entered the code he opens the door, pulls you in and back into his arms. In between kisses you manage to use the last part of your brain to ask, “What about Jak?”
He flips his phone up to show you a series of texts between he and Jiyong throughout the night. You can’t read Korean, you have no idea what any of it says.
“That’s nice, what does it say?”
“Pretty much, ‘I got you covered bro’.”
To which he tosses his phone on the counter and drags you into the other room.
oh gosh. the things i want to do to that man.
That's nice, what does it say? 😂😂😂👌🏻
Now they are finally connecting on the same level Yay!!! No need for a jackass whisperer right now!! lol😊
this is another dream she'll wake up from... I don't trust you Eonni... this is too good.. lol
Time with his brothers is nice, but so is alone time. 😉