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If you checked out my must haves and favorite cards about a month or two back, you will remember that I highlighted the minimalist beauty company 'Glossier' and raved about their lip balms. Well, word on the street is that the company has launched a few new balms just in time for the summer. Something about a good balm that adds moisture to your lips without being too overbearing is nothing short of perfect to me.
These limited edition balm dot com balms come in three flavors including rose, cherry, and mint. While the rose and cherry flavors give off a slight tine of red, the mint gives off a fresh feeling of menthol that we all love. If you're not interested in these limited edition flavors, there is always the original and my favorite -- the coconut flavor. To check out these lip balms, check out the site [here].

Which balm would you gravitate towards first?

Yep! This specific brand @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton this brand?
Yeah, I love their packaging on all their products. It's great @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton yep and then make my way towards the others. It's interesting because the balm is a tube and I haven't seen any balm in a tube besides carmax.
I think the mint would be great!!! @MyAffairWith
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