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You get him to give you a few minutes in the bathroom. When you come out he has the coffee table pushed into the kitchen and the Twister game on the living room floor. He’s taken off his jacket, his socks and shoes, belt and jewelry. You grin over at him with a raised eyebrow. He responds by getting up and bringing you over to sit on the couch. As he starts taking off your shoes, he looks up “You thought I was joking earlier?”
You take off your scarf and jewelry, grinning right back at him. “I was hoping you weren’t; but thought you might have been a little distracted.”
“We don’t have anyone to spin the dial.” You comment as he drags you onto the floor. He looks around, “Crap my phone!” He looks over at you, “Stay!” To which you salute him.
He comes back with his phone, scrolling through apps. He grins and turns his screen to you, “TwistHelp” you read.
“It spins the dial for us. I knew it would come in handy one day!” He seems so proud of himself that you lean over and give him a kiss on the cheek.
“Hold that thought,” he grins and sets his phone on speaker.
Within ten minutes the game has the two of you more tangled together than you were the previous night. He keeps reaching over and biting or kissing whatever his mouth can reach. You’ve stopped being surprised by it as it totally made you lose the first couple of times.
When you questioned him he just leered over at you, “New type of foreplay, feel free to play along.”
You wait until the game has him bent over you, trying to stretch to a far corner. While he’s focused on not trying to fall, you turn your head and take a bite out of his leg. You duck and roll as he screams in shock and tries to fall to the side and not on top of you. You thought you could roll in the opposite direction but forgot how long his arms are. He grabs you on his way down and twists so that he lands on his back with you on top.
“THAT,” he starts, out of breath. “Was not fair.”
“Foreplay darling,” you mimic back to him.
He rolls, trapping you underneath him, “Enough foreplay.”
His phone goes off thirty minutes before your alarm. He reaches blindly over you and squints at the screen. He lays back down, pulls you closer and nips at your shoulder. You swat at him with a mumble.
“Sorry sleeping beauty, roommate alert.”
Your head pops up, “What?” You look around frantically, “Where?”
He laughs, “Ji just texted. Jak has a shoot and they forgot her make-up bag yesterday. They’ll be here in about 10 minutes. I think he wanted to make sure you were sufficiently covered.” He laughs as you swat at him.
“Not you?” You shake your head, “Never mind, I already know the answer to that.”
You get up to grab a pair of sweats and turn to see him, hands behind his head, grinning like an idiot. “What?!?”
He shakes his head, “Nothing. Just enjoying the view.” He was smart and ducked before the shoe you threw hit him in the head.
As you start taking items from the fridge to make breakfast you hear the beeps of the lock. The door cracks a tiny bit and you hear Jak call out,
“You guys dressed?!?”
You surprise her by pulling the door open from her grip.
“Yes. Good morning Jak,” you glance over her shoulder at a smirking Jiyong, “Ji.”
He grins as he enters behind her, leaning over to give you a kiss on the cheek.
“Hey lips OFF, you have your own woman!” Kyungil glares at Jiyong from the living room. Jak turns at his statement, shakes her head and goes in search of her missing make-up bag.
“I’m still her protector until I’m informed otherwise,” he comments to Kyungil but is looking at you. You pat him on the cheek,
“And such a good protector you are. Thanks for the heads up.” He grins again and nods, “Not a problem”.
“Do you two have time for breakfast?”
Ji shakes his head, “No thank you. We already grabbed something.” You look at him in disbelief,
“You got Jak to eat this early?”
He concedes, “Alright, I grabbed something she promised to eat on her break.”
You smile, that sounds more like it. Number one, Jak isn’t a morning person and usually only nibbles on enough to take her medicine. Second, you’ve known her long enough to know that her anxiety makes her sick to her stomach and she’s always anxious before a shoot. You asked her once why she does it if it makes her feel that way. “Because I like it once I get there and get started. It’s just the getting there part that freaks me out.”
Two minutes later she’s back with her make-up and a bag. She leans over to give you a hug which means she wants to say something she doesn’t want the guys to hear. “Details. Not sordid details, but we are definitely talking later.”
You nod, give her a squeeze and watch them walk out the door.
Arms wrap around you from behind. “Just what is she whispering in your ear?”
You swat at him, “Stop! I’ll burn breakfast!”
He looks over your shoulder, turns the cook top down and goes back to what he was doing. You laugh and step back into his embrace.
“Do I have to torture it out of you?”
“This is torture?” You ask with an amused glance over your shoulder.
“Only if it stops.” He states before tracing your lips with his tongue.
“Hmm. Nope, sister secrets. Torture me all you want, I’ll never tell.”
He harrumphs and says something about taking a shower as he closes the bathroom door.
@MaritessSison I said NOTHING about clothes missing.. only jewelry, belts, shoes and socks! *Facepalm...woman... that just, no that's wrong no danglies twistering (bah ha ha naked twisting not twister - covers mouth) However, I DID consider a game of strip twister. ;)
This man is so sexy, even more so when he's having fun. And it's a good thing I like him and love Jak so much, because I'm pretty sure that no matter who was dating who, even a brotherly peck on the cheek from Ji would have me so flustered I'd forget my own name.
Why do I have a very vivid metal picture of playing naked twister with things dangling in from of my face!!?? Good Gawd I need a cold shower!! Lmao!!
waiting to wake up again.
gosh this man