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Annyeong everyone, it's Tuesday a.k a. Jackson's special day so let's make cards for him and show him some love! Be sure yo tagged the GOT7 team in any cards that you make!
Jackson...why....must you do this to us!?!? How are suppose to survive when you are doing stuff like this..yall look at those arms!? And can we talk about how hot he looks even when he is sweating....i jealous lol ...seriously though he is looks amazing.
Markson oneshot It was 12:30 am and the boys had just gotten back to the dorms after an amazing show. "Let's watch a movie before bed" BamBam said as soon as they walked through the door ,which everyone except Mark agreed to. "I'm actually tired so I'm going to head to bed" Mark says already walking in the direction of his bedroom before anyone can protest. The others turn and look at Jackson for answers since he and Mark are the closest. Jackson shrugs but decides to go and check on him. When he enters the room is light are off but he can clearly see that Mark is in his own bed instead of Jackson's.He goes over and sits on the edge of Mark's bed putting his hand on his leg "I know you aren't sleep,baby what's wrong ?" Silence follows and for a moment he things that Mark actually is sleep ,but then the oldest replies. "It's nothing,just tired." Jackson sighs and moves up the bed so that he can lay down next to Mark, he wraps his arms around his waistand pulls him close. "You know you are a terrible liar, now tell me what is wrong" he whispers placing gentle kisses on the back of Mark's neck. Mark feels his heart starting to race and he tells himself to be strong,but he already knows that he will give in to Jackson's sweet kisses and touches so he turns and faces him burying his face in his neck. "Promise not to laugh?" he ask burying his face into the others shirt. "Promise" Jackson replies. Mark sighs and even before he starts to speak he can feel his cheeks getting redder. "I was a little upset about you taking off your shirt tonight....those are my abs" he says quickly. At first Jackson isnt sure what to say so he laughs and pulls Mark closer "You are so cute sometimes, my abs are only for you" he says smiling. Mark looks up and even though he cant see Jackson's eyes he knows that he is staring at him. Jackson places a hand on his cheek and leans in to kiss Mark. "I love you"he says before connecting their lips. The End That was a little rough,but i hope you guys enjoyed it!
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@AaliyahNewbell aaaw my GOD .. that was so nice.. And you know you always come up with something that could have happened it..
@AaliyahNewbell more pls, u like whet my appetite, love it
@luna1171 Im saving that for next time
@luna1171 thank you
@mbg3t thanks
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