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Hey Taemi here! Here is some updated news about EXO Suho's drama "How Are You Bread"! Just a reminder, this is directed by Kim Young Joon and written by Kang Soo Yeon. Suho plays a genius patissier named Han Do Woo, who makes a magical bread that can grant people's wishes every morning, and a variety program scriptwriter who infiltrates his bakery in order to cast.
These pictures were released May 10th, they came from the scene where Han Do Woo competes in a baking competition against another patissier name Damon (Kang Tae Hwan) who is trained abroad and was born rich! Interesting match up isn't it? A representative of the production company stated, “We filmed the scene in the style of cooking shows that are popular these days. All the actors, including Suho, prepared a lot in order to film a thrilling baking competition.”

I think this drama really suits Suho and he looks really handsome in his chief uniform! Magic bread you say? Count me in!

For more information, check out this link: (Credit to Soompi) Kpopint does not own any of these photos. Creds to the rightful owners.

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I honestly can not with this. I will watch the f*ck out of this.
Oh, I really can't wait for this to come out. So excited for him~ ^^ 김 즌뮨 휘팅!!!!
suho is just soooooooooo handsome ❤❤😚😚👍👍