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Minhyuk is a vocalist, rapper, and the face of BTOB Real name: Lee Min Hyuk Birthday: November 29, 1990 Height: 173 cm (5'8)
Instagram: @btob_2mh
Twitter: @btob2mh
•Has an older brother •Also known as "Squirrel Minhyuk" •Specialties consist of writing lyrics, composing music, rap making, excercising and aerobics •Role models are Lee Seung Gi and T.O.P. •Neatest person on BTOB (likes cleaning) •Favorite colors are black and white •Favorite number is 8 •Favorite movies are "The Dark Knight" and "Inception" •Ideal Type: A lovely girl with lots of aegyo, a girl with a beautiful smile, Has cute smiley eyes, has a small face with a body proportion of 1:8, has complete self management, firm and elastic figure from exercising, occasionally revealing the expressions like a kitten or puppy, a well liked person who is kind, and knows how to aegyo, has clean and clear skin and neat teeth, someone who can watch ball games together, go to amusement parks together, go to famous tourist attractions for holiday, traveling on trains, to travel everywhere. •He was a cast member of the second season of The Romantic & Idol
He is the one member that can do about anything.
Wow, their ideal types are so specific. Also, why does this precious 25 year old look like he's 5?