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Changsub is a vocalist in BTOB Real name: Lee Chang Sub Birthday: February 26, 1991 Height: 177 cm (5'9)
Instagram: @lee_cs_btob Twitter: @LeeCS_BTOB •Has an older brother •Likes to listen to Michael Jackson songs •Eats anything and isn't picky •Specialties consist of playing the drums and piano •Likes to drink coffee •In charge of aegyo •Role models are Rain and Michael Jackson •Close to all members of A-Pink •Favorite color is black •favorite number is 27 •Favorite movie is "Inception" •Ideal Type: A sexy girl with barely open eyes, "Someone with a small egg shaped face, with long straight hair or wavy curls, wears sports shoes, height 165cm, s line, smiley eyes, someone who is more lively than me and thinks before acting, dont put on thick make up, milky white skin, someone who leads me on, someone who will go with me to busan’s haeundae to look at the sea and eat sashimi, to go to awesome place to have coffee together, eat pork soup with rice at night.."
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Changsubbie! His aegyo is pretty great, but his sleep talking is even better.