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Just wanted to make this card to show some Min Suga appreciation~

We've all seen this pic right? So why not some more pouty(-ish) Suga, hm?

Although I adore his pout...

We all knows that his smile is just as precious ♡

Thank YOU, Min Yoongi oppa! ^^


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such a cutie~
2 years ago·Reply
love hosting pouty face. looks like he is sad for not receiving a kiss. just my imagination 🤔😁
2 years ago·Reply
He has ruined my biases list and my life Yoongie is just too cute even when he is rapping I just can't not with him 😹
2 years ago·Reply
always want to be tagged love the card suga is my bais recker lol
2 years ago·Reply
@Viresse I found a Suga-tastic card for you. 😎
2 years ago·Reply