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Peniel is a vocalist, rapper(?), and dancer in BTOB Real name: Shin Dong Geun Birthday: March 10, 1993 Height: 175 cm (5'8)
Instagram: @btobpeniel Twitter: @PenielShin •Has an older sister (Jennifer Shin/Boyoung Shin 젠니바/신보영) •Fluent in English •Specialties consist of speaking Spanish, shooting guns, playing guitar and bass, and acting •Born and raised in Chicago •Role model is his father •Christian •Likes all genres of music •Favorite number is 73 •Has a lisp (An adorable lisp!) •Celebrity ffriends with EXID, Miss A, 4minute, and G.Na •Eats anything like Changsub •Ideal Type: A girl with a beautiful smile, must definitely not smoke. Hope she would be either pretty or adorable, someone who is positive, and able to fit in well. •He is a former trainee under JYPE
Lists "shooting guns" as one of his hobbies. How American. lol
He's adorable.....and watching is vlog is a lot of fun.
Omgeee he and me have so much in common lol we are both American nd i have a lisp too lols ❤❤😘👌