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Rosairo Vampire is an ecchi comedy action anime and manga, it's about a boy who got on the wrong bus and ended up in a monster school full of basically any monster you can think of, he runs into a vampire who happens to be hot af, not gonna lie, and then he runs into more girls that then turn this into a harem, this has been the ecchi moderator and I hope my nakama are having a great day
@AimeBolanos the pictures I use are always random, I never use anyone from the anime, I use hatsune miku or a random ecchi thing
Tell me if im wrong but the pic is random right has nothing to do with the anime because i dont recall seeing someone like that in the anime😐
Who else thinks it needs a S2
I know I do to I get corteted a lot so I do it when I get the opturounie I know myself spelling is not grate
@TravisSimpkins and? people do know I sometimes get things mixed up
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