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Markson OTP for Wild & Sexy Tuesdays❤👬
Jackson feeding Bae something... I don't think Bae knows what it is.. He just trust
Bae just takes it and I guess attempt to eat I bet Jackson is loving it, feeding Bae.. Bae is taking it in such a sexy
WHAT IS THIS YOU GAVE ME!!! IT TASTE EEEWWW!! LMAOOO! Mark spit on Jackson's face..hahah
oh oh oh I am sorry baby Iam sorry I didn't mean to.. why you giving me such an eeeww!! snack?? let me wipe your face.. Jackson is just taking easy cause's just Bae spit anyway.. so is ok. . I just have to make an little agry face and I will get a consolation kiss after he has done this to me in front of so many people anyway..
Iam so so sorry GaGa.. I won't spit on you again..kiss kiss.. uumm let me taste that thing on my face.. it's not that bad.. why he spit in on me? he did it on purpose. .so he can give me a kiss.. ha! IGOT7 TEAM @PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero @UnnieCakesAli @AaliyahNewbell @ManduBum
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@MaricelvaRomero me too I have read probably all of them.on AFF..lmaoo
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@MaricelvaRomero oh that's the show they were actually filming today those are just picture that fans post.. the show is not air yet.. that AmeriThaiKong the 3 of them together. .you know?
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Oh I've heard of them doing a show from my friend just now actually @luna1171
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AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!. 😵
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