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Wow.. *speechless."

I died xD...Not gonna lie.. WHO SAYS THESE TYPE OF THINGS "Secret details between your legs." well, it's not a secret anymore... "Special offer in midnight." Tsk I'm busy watching kpop/kdrama please stop "A new picture from my pure boy.." PURE BOY. whut?

Okay..but people need to realize that SM makes the decisions..not the fans. I mean c'mon..I know that this kid has a weird, interesting past but, let's be honest...sometimes SM won't even respond to you guys. I mean remember when EXO-Ls didn't like their name because it also had its negative meaning along with a positive one? SM said that they wanted to let the fans know that they don't make the shots..It's their company, let them deal with it..& him ..umm how old is he & was he?? Anyways, just letting you guys know. I wonder who this kid is..He doesn't look like Win2x & Kun..i'm actually not sure.

i'm still crying from laughter XD

here's a random meme..Okays bye ;)
@Defy24601 yes that's truee..i hope nothing goes wrong thou..@ibMIMI i agree.. :/ kpopdrama never sleeps..it is what it is.
Well this is AllKPop, so I would not be too quick to believe this. I hope it does not end up being true though, but we will see if Soompi or another more credible site covers this.
@CreeTheOtaku im prettu sure he's korean..i was agreeing to how the report does actually sound like tae if they ddnt say the person was chinese.
@CreeTheOtaku nvm I see it said "chinese trainiee" okaii
@CreeTheOtaku I'm pretty sure he's Korean but he might've had to learn Chinese for debut or something like that...
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