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Wow.. *speechless."

I died xD...Not gonna lie.. WHO SAYS THESE TYPE OF THINGS "Secret details between your legs." well, it's not a secret anymore... "Special offer in midnight." Tsk I'm busy watching kpop/kdrama please stop "A new picture from my pure boy.." PURE BOY. whut?

Okay..but people need to realize that SM makes the decisions..not the fans. I mean c'mon..I know that this kid has a weird, interesting past but, let's be honest...sometimes SM won't even respond to you guys. I mean remember when EXO-Ls didn't like their name because it also had its negative meaning along with a positive one? SM said that they wanted to let the fans know that they don't make the shots..It's their company, let them deal with it..& him ..umm how old is he & was he?? Anyways, just letting you guys know. I wonder who this kid is..He doesn't look like Win2x & Kun..i'm actually not sure.

i'm still crying from laughter XD

here's a random meme..Okays bye ;)
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@ibMIMI wait what race is Taeyong
@CreeTheOtaku I'm pretty sure he's Korean but he might've had to learn Chinese for debut or something like that...
@CreeTheOtaku nvm I see it said "chinese trainiee" okaii
@CreeTheOtaku im prettu sure he's korean..i was agreeing to how the report does actually sound like tae if they ddnt say the person was chinese.
People make mistakes, this is lowkey kinda funny but it isn't as bad as other things, but it's still not good either