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Literally me
So, do I get the job? Interviewer: *slowly backs out of room*
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It was worth a shot lol @MasonBurt
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I went into my first interview with a ton of anime keychains on my purse. My interviewer gave them a looking at then said nothing. I got the job though and I still have it
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lmfao!!! yes!!!! :D
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let's go swimming
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Interviewer: but there are no titans Me: That's because I killed them already. Interviewer: uh.. Me: No need for gratitude we may discuss that at tea time with Captian Levi. Interviewer: Ok.... Out. Me: *points a gun at interviewer's head* what's 1000 minus 7? Interviewer: GUARDS!!! *guards come in and force me out if the office* Me: ENOUGH PATHETIC FOOLS, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!? I AM JUSTICE!!!!!!
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