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So I'm still working on the title, I'll try this out and see if it fits, I thought of it in a split second. I have an absolutely crazy mind and to go along with it crazy friends so very fitting I created this FanFic with BTS members.
Short summary is Two friends, Trinity and Arianna are headed to Korea for a vacation and on the way meet some pretty interesting people, I'm sure you can guess who.
Alright so for part one!
Yey Posting pictures so easy! Thank goodness.
“Boarding passes please” the women at the front of the line asked.
I handed her the pass and my ID, both had been handed around to so much security I felt like I was just giving people a reason to steal it. The Chicago international airport was like a luxurious dream filled with top of the line stores and food arena. It wasn’t the first time I’d come to this section of the airport, but it was the first time I was going to Korea. Well it was also my best friend’s first time going through the international airport. There was a layover in new York which meant our plane wasn’t fully loaded which was nice. This was also the first time both of us would be going to go to Korea, something to knock off our bucket list.
As we both got on the plane we looked through the seats trying to find our number. Thank god it was a window seat and aisle which meant it was down the first row with seats on the right that consisted of 2 seats, I would have hated getting stuck in the middle grouping where it was six across and the other side looked like there was three seats across.
“Hey is this us?” my best friend Trinity questioned pointing to the seat i just passed. I looked at the numbers and saw it was correct.
“Yea that’s us, nice spotting” I told her.
“I get window!” she said as she went in.
“Fine, I’ll get the aisle.” I told her. “Besides I like having more leg room” I told her.
“Arianna can you put my bag up above for me?” she asked as I set my purse on the seat and took her backpack and put it up above with my carry on.
“Should we listen to BTS or Got7 first?” she asked as she pulled out her ipod.
“How about Got7. We listened to bts while we were waiting for the past hour” I told her.
“Okay fine” she said as she shuffled through her ipod and I took a seat.
I got organized and pulled out my notebook and pen. Once the plane was all boarded the thing started to move.
We were off!
Well at least to New york but than to Korea.
Trinity played her music and we both sang along, her in korean and me in English. I could do Korean, it just probably would sound like korean. Trinity still gave me looks for singing in English, even as I was thinking it she was giving me a dirty look.
“You know what at least I know what the words are for the song” I told her sticking my tongue out at her. In turn she poked my cheek with her finger until I pulled away.
“That hurt” I whined.
“Baby” she called me.
“Hey I’m not a baby. At best I’m a Panda!. Yea I wanna be a Panda. They're big, and fluffy, and white, and black, and Asian, and Loveable!” I exclaimed listing the qualities of the thing. “People love Panda’s” I added making her laugh.
“Ari you got two traits there” she told me.
“I’m not fluffy!” I told her even as I looked down at myself. Yea I was fluffy, I had huge boobs and a tummy that they rested on. But it was the only big parts on me.
“Yes you are! But I meant loveable and white” she told me laughing. Next to her skinny white ass, which I was envious of, come on stick thin and still able to eat whatever she wanted, I wanted those traits.
“I’m so glad” I laughed. “I would hate to annoy you with my loud bamboo eating!!” I warned her.
“At least you won’t eat me” she said making me laugh.
“No meat on those bones” I told her than laughed. “Which means a panda just might. Omo Trin you might want to watch out for Panda’s” I told her.
“Ari no, you won’t let a panda eat me” she said.
“Excuse me girls” the guy who was seated on the aisle seat next to me caught our attention. He looked like he was a young guy flying home, no older than 25. “You know a panda can’t eat humans. They are herbivores” he informed us.
“And she’s bones” Ari pointed to Trinity. The line made him laugh.
“Well either way it’s rare to find a Panda. I think she’s safe from being eaten” he told us.
“Way to ruin our fun! I wanted to pet the Panda.” I told him making him smile, a damn sexy smile.
“Yea, I would want to ride a panda” Trinity said next to me.
“You could always go to the zoo” he told us.
“That’s no fun. There already locked up and looking sad and lonely.” I sighed. “Poor panda.”
“”Poor his ass, those panda’s love it and they get all the free bamboo they can eat” he said making me laugh.
“I guess that’s true. Do you like Panda’s?” I asked him.
“I like wolves better” he stated with a shrug.
“Does that mean you're a predator?” Trinity pipped up and asked. It made him laugh.
“No Panthers are better than wolves as predators” I looked over at her.
“That’s funny, that’s almost my name” the guy said making both of us stare at him, blank expressions on our faces.
“Your name is Panther?” Trinity finally asked making him laugh.
“Pahn tier is the name” he told us.
“Omo, you are so Panther!!” Trinity said excited. He laughed at that.
“You can call me that” he stated making her grin. “What are your names?” he asked looking in Arianna’s direction.
“I’m Trinity and this is Arianna” Trinity introduced us. “Where visiting Korea for the first time. We have a couple days on some tour guide and than we have a week on our own. What about you? Are you flying home?” Trinity asked him.
“I’m going home to visit family” he said.
“Parents still there?” I asked talking again.
“Yea, I went to the states for College” he told us.
“She just graduated college this fall” Trinity pointed to me. “We would have gone last year when I graduated, buttttt someone had to be a butthead and say we couldn’t go until Ari finished college herself.” Trinity explained.
“That butthead was you.” I reminded her making me laugh. “But than we decided that we’d buy each other’s tickets as late graduation present and my graduation present” I told him as he gave us a strange look.
“So you each bought a ticket and than gave it to each other?” he questioned.
“Yup!. Smart right?” Trinity said.
“Different” he said instead.
Okay so we did it that way because yes, we were both going, but one it insured we would both go and two, well because it was funny. It wasn’t like we spent extra money on the tickets but that we spent the same amount on each other! And as an added bonus for both of us my mom and her mom had chipped in to get us the tour group for 6 days, that way we had hotels and places set up. We got to have two days before it started though, which we tacked on so we didn’t have to try and change hotels two days.
“It’s more interesting if you knew the whole story” I told him in honesty.
By the time I said that I looked down at my phone to see the clock. An hour had gone by since we started this talk about Panda’s, and we were about to land in a little bit. Panther talked to us for a bit more, this time a safe normal conversation about the zoo and what kinds of animals it has and where the best one was located. By the time the conversation ended we were landing.
“Ari, we are going to see the zoo when we get there” Trinity said making me laugh.
“I wanna see the Panda’s” I said instantly making her and Panther laugh.
“Hey it looks like there filling up the rest of the seats” Trinity said directing our attention to the aisle where there was a bunch of people walking down.
People started walking past us and than at the very end a group of men came down the isle, since we had a good three rows of empty seats in front of us, and still in the single digits, I wondered if it would be them.
Sure enough the guy started filling in those seats and a a few in the middle section, it seemed there was a lot of them.
Once we started our flight up Trinity and I started listening to music. I sang along in english as Trinity sang in korean.
Okay so question, Is it better with spaces inbetween the text or does it just make it feel longer?
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