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Once he was far enough out of the Phoenix district he pulled his parachute making his landing in an abandoned section of town. Once on the ground he released his harness taking off the parachute. He pulled all his gear to a nearby barrel stuffing it and the clothes and harness from the girl into it. He poured lighter fluid onto everything before lighting it up. He watched it to make sure it would burn properly before slinking off into the dark alleyway.
After a few blocks he stepped into a side street dimly light by the lights from the street. He put in the passcode to the door twisting the handle before going inside. There was not much to the small room; only a desk and a safe. There was a small lamp illuminating the desk where another man was sitting.
“The mission was a success. No one followed me and she escaped cleanly.”
“Good. The players are all on the field now. We have done our part for now so just wait as the pawns get rid of each other.”
“Yes sir.” He gave a small bow to the other man before exiting out of a door to the side. On the other side was a brightly light room with crates of guns lining the walls. There was a man adjusting his sunglasses as he looked at the clipboard from the shipment.
“Your new sights worked perfectly. It was a clean shot.”
“Good. Now we can be sure to keep the upper hand.”
“What are gunna do man. What are we gunna do.” Okasian was pacing the main floor of the warehouse.
“Man just calm down it’s going to be fine. If you can’t keep your head on straight, you’ll lose it.” Ugly Duck made a motion with his thumb across his neck that was rewarded with a face from the other man.
“I’ll lose it either way if one of those dragon boys get ahold of me. I can take the lackeys but the higher ups. Man they are just ruthless.”
“We are going to take them out before they even knew what hit them. They will be to worried about killing whoever that they will forget who to come for. We will cut off the head before then.”
“I’m so excited I can’t wait. We can finally stop sitting around and do things.” Babylon was leaning against the door making sure no one could come in and disturb them.
“I’m glad you’re just as happy as I am about this.” His boss, Zico, was sitting at his desk with all his guns laid out in front of him.
“All the men are excited boss.”
“Round them up and tell them to have fun in the lion district. They will make a good distraction for us. While the lions are trying to contain them we will go straight for their throat. Once the leader is dead they will be in chaos. It’s always more fun that way.”
(I wrote this one on a greyhound bus so sorry that it isn't that lengthy)