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Before finally leaving the country, he had a dinner with the Bench/ family. By the way, Bench/ is the leading clothing brand here in the Philippines, which LMH is endorsing. Bench/ sponsored his Global Tour here in Manila. I read an article where Mr. Ben Chan, the Bench/'s owner, was asked regarding Lee Min Ho. He said that he will never forget the time when he was trying to take a selca with LMH using his phone and what Lee Min Ho did was to get Mr. Chan's phone and he [LMH] was the one who took their photo. "Sa'n ka makakakita ng international superstar na ganun?" [Where else can you meet an international superstar who's humble like LMH?] added Mr. Chan. After a successful concert here in our country, the Philippines, oppa went back to South Korea on the night of July 7, 2013, Saturday. He was hot in his printed polo, jeans and that awesome hairstyle. :)
wahhh...ur the best oppa..thats y too much people love u..
that's mayor alonte! omg!
perfecto. este hombre es uniko
I love the second picture.