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"Wait, grass is low-carb, right?"

Have any of you been on a diet before? What kind of foods did you eat? Have you ever been on a diet where you essentially just kept eating one or two things?
Been on million diets. Been miserable thru all of them. All it did was lower my self esteem when they didn't work and some of them made me sick.
I lost weight on a sweet potato diet lost about 15lbs 馃檵 but I also ate A BUNCH of fruits and vegetables especially bananas and oranges which are strong in vitamins and your essential needs 馃憣 with almonds and cashews as well
@YumiMiyazaki AHHHHHHHHHH That's terrifying! D:
@iixel Breakfast burritos are one of my all-time favorite foods.
@danidee I once took diet pills that made my whole arm numb and my upper half somewhat paralyzed. I was like that till it wore off.
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