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nope if my non kpop friend wanted only English music fine the closet I have is English covers my koreans 😂
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Lmao what I don't have English music @nikkynoel
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hell yeah ill play like Eminem or something for them and then next is topp dogg top dog playing some classicish music in the beginning and their staring at me like the fuck you listening to
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@VIPFreak2NE1 lol don't worry it took me a minute too... I'm a proud VIP as well but BTS has completely taken over my soul here lately... Damn them and all their jams!!!
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My friend judged me so hard today when I had to search my phone for english songs, my phone has combust with kpop over the last few days. I couldn't find english so I made her listen to B.A.P.
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