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As promised to his Filipino fans, he updated his LINE account. 1) "I arrived in Seoul this morning. Thanks for coming to my concert. Thanks for your heart!" 2) "Magandang gabi. Salamat po, Manila. Masayabakayo?" Since he kind-heartedly wrote it in Tagalog here's the ENG TRANS: "Good evening. Thank you, Manila. Are you happy?" 3) He posted a shot of his own sketch of his favorite LINE sticker. 4) He posted a photo of the Filipino cuisine he tried... followed by "This is Kare-kare." 5) He posted a photo of him with his "Mango juice."
..ahhh.... we love you min ho lee, i hope you like her in manila..., comesomebeda....
we love you.. :)
ang galing ♥♥♥... filipinoes love lee min ho.. sooo much..
Can I wanna on this groups :D
I saw that acct its written in japanese.. Im not pretty sure if minho real acct.. He chat me back one's but he reply me in japanese.. Lol
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