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Hola, hey guys, soooo....I plan to start writing fanfics for my and your entertainment. I'm filling excited! XP The first fanfic main characters are- BTS`s jimin and Airam- you. FT.- V, Jhope, RapMon, Jin, Kookie, Suga. (Rated -R? lol- graphic details, violance, comedy, romance, ect.) INTRO~INFO~ Age range -19 and up. Jimin 21-22, You- 20-21yrs. old. Both you and jimin have secrets and a dark past, somehow he ends up moving into your apartment and slowly the normal life you worked so hard to attain starts to crumble, things change for the worst and maybe the best and for the first time you are feeling something for an emeny, feeling an attraction, love, something you thought you couldn't feel. You also find out who you really are and make new friends, people you wish to protect. You will be pushed beyond your limits, will you be able to handle it. Is jimin an emeny? Will he be the end of you, will he end it all? Blood will be spill and the dark past will resurface, you both will relive it. You'll find out the truth and the lies, you'll find out if he is what you thought he he a friend or foe... jimin the mysterious boy..
What is his role, his secret that he hides from everyone. Why the lies and the dark truths. Do you hate him? Does he hate you? What is the cost for finding out the truth? Who is the real monster, jimin or you? ~A DARKER TRUTH ~ if you wish to be tagged let me know~ TAG- @KpopGaby
me obviously I'm a crazy hoe lol jk
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