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Once on their floor she made her way down the hall towards their apartments. She started to go past their door so she could shower and change but Yoongi’s hand caught her elbow. She turned making a face at him but he seemed unfazed.
“We have to go in now. I promised them we would come strait here.”
“But I’m still in my dress and covered in makeup.”
“You can wash your face after they surprise you. After we eat you can use the shower that I use and I’ll give you some of Jimin’s clothes to wear.” She just pouted at him. Sure Jimin’s clothes fit her but she really wanted out of this dress. The lace sections were making her itch where her sweat had dried.
“Fine. I know Jin will give you an earful if we don’t.” He opened the door moving so she could go inside first. He followed right behind her closing the door behind them. They removed their shoes and she did not even bother putting on slippers as she was in a hurry to clean up.
“Congratulations!” The boys said in unison. She smiled at them stopping just inside the living room. Jin was there holding a cake as Jimin was trying to light it. The others stood up from where they had been sitting on the couches except one. Why was Jae here?
“Yoongi you were supposed to message me when you got to the building. We aren’t even prepared properly.” She could not help but laugh a little because even though she tried Jin still found something to get onto Yoongi about. She could feel him standing behind her, closer than he would have been if they were in public but not to closes to cause suspicions.
“Hey guys…. Jae.”
“He came by the studio today looking for you. I told him you had schedules today but I knew you would be here so I invited him.” Jin seemed so pleased with himself.
“That was sweet of you Jin.” She moved closer to them as the candles were finally lit. She paused then blew out the candles before looking up at their huge smiles. It seemed that more often they were happier that she won than she was. Jae stood up moving closer to where she was but still keeping his distance from the others. The others had started to head to the kitchen to set out everything for dinner.
“Congratulations. It seems like JYP picked good.”
“What you didn’t trust my singing abilities?” He looked down realizing only now how it sounded.
“I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry.”
“Come on dinner is waiting you two.” Jin had come out of the kitchen pulling both of them by their elbows. They both followed sitting at the only empty places left of the low table. Jin had been nice enough to make her something different from everyone else. Even celebrating she had to stick to her diet plan.
“Thank you for this food.”