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Since I'm currently obsessed with this palette (which is super affordable!! $14.50!!), I've been trying out all sorts of looks with it. Here's another!
This shade from the palette is kind of duo-chrome, which is why the look was going after that. Now, I didn't go NEARLY as dramatic as the tutorial I was following (she actually added a shadow not in the palette because she wanted to go more dramatic), but I like the result!
It's actually really hard to capture the duo-color aspect of this shadow on camera, but you can kind of see it in the eyes closed photo~
Even if I didn't get the same blue-chrome effect that the tutorial did (because she added that extra color), I still liked this look! This palette is just so fun & nice to use. & easy! The lip color came from the palette, too.

Here's the tutorial I was following if anyone is interested in trying it themselves :)

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Every time I attempt to try out a youtube makeup tutorial I end up looking like a raccoon or panda. So, I don't bother trying smokey eye tutorials. I do like your variation though. It's suitable for the office.