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***Truth Alert*** Ugh! Why can't I lose weight? I drink DIET sodas, eat low calorie or sugar free food, sometimes I even skip a meal. Why am I NOT losing weight or feeling better? Have you ever looked at what's IN those things? Sucralose and aspartame. (not to mention all of the preservatives!!) Do you know what those 2 ingredients alone can do to your body? Google it. Your body has toxins and bacteria (from bad food choices, medications, antibiotics, over the counter meds, and just breathing polluted air). These bacteria and toxins feed off junk, sugars, and carbs and make you feel tired and sluggish. So even if you do lose weight with some extreme measures, more than likely you'll gain it back because you're still craving the junk like before. Why not clean it out, and get rid of the cravings for junk and the sluggish feeling for good?
Yess! I am always telling people about these things, but they never believe me! At lunch the other day, this girl offered me some sugar-free candies, and I refused. She asked me why, and I told her that I do not eat sugar-free foods. She told me I was stupid and gave me a big "health" lecture. 😂 People just do not get it! Sucralose and Aspartame are disgusting anyways. People need to understand that there is no cheating! If you want to lose weight and feel better, you NEED to eat better! I am so happy some other people see this too!
there's also teas out there that help clenze ur system from all the bad toxins from what I hear they r completely health and have nothing but what is needed. no extras!
Wow! I'm surprised she called you stupid before having all the facts herself. Sometimes it is easier for people to believe after something happens or after seeing results though... Although we know that eating better is essential, telling them about is sometimes not enough. Even if they know, they still have to choose their health over what they think is a short cut
Definitely! I love drinking teas as well... For many reasons