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Namco Bandai Games have recently released a full trailer for its upcoming confirmed Nintendo 3DS port of the manga and anime's first PSP RPG, 'One Piece Romance Dawn: The Dawn of Adventure'. Along with this they have also announced that the title will also see a release in Europe this November, but will not be released in North America. The game's story will follow the Straw Hat Pirates as the adventure from the East Blue to the Marineford arc and will allow players to engage in battle to gain experience to improve abilities such as speed, defence, and attack strength.
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Oh wow... I actually teared up a bit when the scene with ace came. I didn't dare to watch it as an anime yet, because the manga alone made me bawl like a baby q_q This sounds like an awesome game! The whole story... It must be unbelievably epic! It's basically rewatching the whole anime :)