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Have you ever experienced sleepiness after meals or in the afternoon? Then you already know something vital about maintaining proper blood sugar levels and how by not doing so, it can effect your mood, stability, energy and performance. Did you know that having steady blood sugar levels is the one thing that every person who lives over 100 (centurion) has in common? Research shows that the best foods for enjoying good weight are those that dont cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. Balanced blood sugar is associated with physical and emotional health, as well as, and of course, longevity. If you are having problems with sugar cravings, feeling moody, or feel the need for caffeine, you may have a problem balancing your blood sugar. Fortunately, not all blood sugar imbalances require major treatments, and by taking control of your sugar consumption, you can greatly improve the way you feel. Plexus Slim is designed to help balance your blood sugar. I love my Pink Drink! No more sugar crashes, headaches, or sleepiness after meals!